Antonio Speranza SIPS - Blue Planet Economy Expoforum
Antonio Speranza
Vice President, SIPS
Antonio Speranza

Antonio Speranza, retired full professor of Physics, currently Vice-President of Società Italiana Progresso Scienze (SIPS).

Researcher and professor in several academic institutions (UCSD, MIT, University of Venice Ca ‘Foscari, Bologna University, Camerino University), AS published hundreds of scientific articles and leaded dozens of projects in the field of Atmospheric Physics, Ocean Science, Hydrology as well as applications of mathematics of nonlinear systems and statistics, while operating as editor and reviewer of prestigious journals.

AS held many istitutional positions, including that of advisor in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy from 1993 to 2001, President of the Scientific Council of the CNR-Fisbat in Bologna and of the CNR-Isdgm in Venice, member of the Italian Space Committee, Focal Point of the international project ALPEX, Secretary of the European Geophysical Society, Senior Advisor Task Force Transversal Topics of great international interest MAF, member of the MEDEX scientific committee of the OMM, member of the Precipitation Testbed Committee NOOA, Italian representative in IUGG, Italian representative for the management of European Research from 1974 to 2014 and is currently Vice-President SIPS, member of the European Academy for Arts and Sciences.