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Fabio Ballini
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Fabio Ballini

Dr Fabio Ballini has Economic and Maritime Transportation background. He obtained his MSc in Maritime Economics and Transport at the Faculty of Economics in Genova (Italy) and holds a Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, awarded a European Ph.D. label, from the University of Genova (Italy), Dept. of Naval, Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (DITEN).

Dr Fabio Ballini previously held the position of Adjunct Professor and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Maritime Economy in Genova (Italy) where he taught academic courses on topics related to Maritime Economy, including Social Cost-Benefit Analysis, Gaseous Ship Emissions, Emission Evaluation Models, Intellectual Property Rights in Shipbuilding.

At WMU, Dr Fabio Ballini is currently an Assistant Professor in the Maritime Energy Management specialization and is a member of the Maritime Energy Research Group (MarEner) dealing with research topics related to Port Energy Management Planning, Gaseous Emissions from Ships in Harbors, Externality Cost in Transportation, Externality Modeling, Clean-Tech Solutions and Energy Audit Systems in Port.

His recent research areas of interest at the WMU in Malmö have focused on Circular Economy in relation to ports and renewable energy and alternative fuels as a marine fuel.

Dr Fabio Ballini has extensive experience in developing research projects and project proposals through lifecycle management. Dr Ballini was involved in numerous EU funded projects: TEN T Programme (TrainMos, Mona Lisa 2.0 projects), ENPI CBC MED Programme (CUSTOM MED project), CIPS Programme (CYSM Project), Europeaid tender (IPSEA project), Marco Polo Programme (OTMW-N project), Interreg IVB Programme (SAIL project), Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme (GO LNG project), Interreg South Baltic Programme (SBOIL Project).
He has published results of his research in leading, internationally peer-reviewed journals such as: Transportation Research Part D Journal and Research in Transportation Business & Management: Energy Efficiency in Maritime Logistics Chains Journal.